Fall Activities in Grand Lake, Colorado

Located just ¼ mile from Rocky Mountain National Park, Moose Lake Lodge is the perfect place to vacation in the fall.

In autumn, the town of Grand Lake has quieted down from its busy summer season, the leaves are changing, the elk are bugling, and you can get some great lodging deals.

There’s plenty to do in the fall in Grand Lake, including:

One of the most popular things to do in Grand Lake in the fall is observe wildlife, specifically the elk bugling.  Mating season for elk typically starts in late August or early September, and it can extend through October. As the bull elk herd female cows and gather harems, they bugle in a ritual known as “the rut.”

At dawn and at dusk, you’re almost guaranteed to observe this mating ritual in Rocky Mountain National Park.

In addition to elk, we also regularly see moose and fox. You might also be lucky enough to see coyote, deer, and bears from the Log House at Moose Lake Lodge.

For off-season rates on lodging, or for more information on things to do in the fall, please call (303) 740-7441, or e-mail mooselakelodge@msn.com.